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  • Marked:
  • Length: 67 km
  • Total climb: 13 m
  • Highest point: 21 m
  • Lowest point: 18 m
  • Surface type: macadam 65 %, asphalt 35  %
  • Time: 3,5 – 4,5 h
  • Difficulty: easy

The route “Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – east” is the continuation of the “Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – west”, which we started at the western entrance to the county, near Pitomača, and ends at Terezino Polje. This route begins in Terezin Polje, and ends at the eastern border of the county in Ilmin Dvor village. By driving these two trails, you will get to know the northern part of Virovitica-Podravina County.

The route is little less than 67 km long, partly driven by asphalt, and partly by macadam. There are no significant climbs throughout the length of the trail. As we have already said, the trail begins in Terezino Polje, near the border crossing towards the republic of Hungary. It continues on flat Slavonian roads through the villages of Katinka and Veliko Polje. Between the villages of Veliko Polje and Žlebina the route goes to the macadam road, and then the asphalt road continues to the village of Novi Gradac. Following is a 6 km long macadam drive to Detkovac village. At the very entrance to the village, turn a bit off the route, because Liman Lake is nearby, go there and enjoy this beautiful lake that is the rest of the old river Drava river, and we will be driving soon. In the continuation of the route, it passes through the village and then turns towards Lake Neteča. Both are lakes rich in fish and therefore attract many fishermen and hikers. Just a couple of hundred meters from the lake we come to the river Drava and the embankment, where we will drive the next stage of this route.

Cycling on the embankment is a special experience. The macadam is excellent for driving, so you can enjoy the rich nature along the river Drava. Like the waters of the Drava are rich with fish, surroundings of the river is the habitat of many wildlife.  Keep in mind that you are in the area of ​​the Mura – Drava Regional Park, which because of its outstanding natural values, was ​​ by UNESCO in 2012 included as a whole of the Mura – Drava – Danube Biosphere Reserve Cross – Border.

In the village of Kapinci, the route returns to the asphalt road, but already at the first houses in Sopje, we turn back on macadam road which will take us once again to the shore of the Drava and to the excursion area which is great for a holiday after this part of the route. We continue driving along the Drava stream until the village of Noskovačka Dubrava, where the route returns to the asphalt road, which leads to Čađavica, where the route goes to Podravska magistrala, which we drive until we reach the Ilmin Dvor and the end of the route. In this section, beware of traffic and of your own safety.

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