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  • Marked:
  • Length: 56 km
  • Total climb: 31 m
  • Highest point: 605 m
  • Lowest point: 126 m
  • Surface type: asphalt 100 %
  • Time: 2.5 – 3 h
  • Difficulty: easy

If you decide to ride the cycling route “From Papuk to the coast of the Drava” you will connect the south and north end of the county, its hilly and flat part. The bicycle trail is 55 km long, light for driving, has a longer downhill from Papuk to Orahovica, followed by straight paths without climbing to the end of the trail.

The trail begins in the area of ​​Papuk Nature Park, on the pass Petrov vrh above Orahovica. There is a viewpoint from which the view is stretched across Slavonia to Baranya and Hungary. The informative tables on the lookout remind us that in the ancient past there was a Pannonian Sea at that place. They also point to the monastery of St. Nicholas from the 15th century, located at the foot of Krndija – another Slavonian mountain. With a slight turning from the route, following the signaling, visit the monastery – sacral, architectural, cultural and historical jewel hidden in the woods.

Follow the downhill road to the village Duzluk, from which we will arrive at the “Orah” excursion site, where the Orahovica Lake dominates – one of the most beautiful lakes in this part of Croatia. There you can go for a swimm, or a 800 m long educational trail, leading us to the renowned medieval town of Ružica grada. After a few climbs and descends we arrive in the city Orahovica. Here we recommend visiting the City Museum and walking in a park. Orahovica is a city rich with gastronomic offerings, so don’t miss tasting a glass of the famous wine of the Orahovoca vineyards.

Driving continues on flat roads through the old Slavonian village where sometimes it seems that time has stod still, where you can still feel the spirit of old times. In Zdenci you can fill up water frrom water sources in the center of the place. We continue further through Slavonski Bare – a village where the legendary hajduk Jovo Čaruga was born, who was racing on the lowlands, hiding in the dense forests of Papuk and Krndija.

After the ride of the peaceful and idyllic Slavonian landscapes and the places of Donje Predjelo, Milanovac, Crnac, Suha Mlaka … we reach Miljevci .. if you first hear Slovak language, don’t think that you are lost because there is a Slovak community that gently nurtures their folklore tradition. Then we arrive at Čađavica where the route is briefly on the main road, so pay attention to traffic and your own safety. Be sure to visit the church of St. Petar and Paul from the 15th century. Čađavica is a place of rich folklore and a long tradition of horse-breeding.

Soon we turn to the side road and after about 5 km we reach the village of Noskovci and Noskovačka Dubrava, where this route ends. In Noskovačka Dubrava visit the informative-educational center located in the classic nobleman’s summer residence, where you will begin the educational trail “Drava in the hug”, which will reach the shore of the river Drava.

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