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  • Lenght: 5.6 km
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Highest point: 225 m
  • Lowest point: 145 m
  • Surface type:
    forest road / singletrail 95 %, macadam 5 %
  • Time: 0:25 – 1 h
xc bunarić

XC Bunarić trail is located at the famous Slatina excursion site Bunarić and it’s a cross country competitive circular trail, that is intended for cyclists who are in good shape and have good cycling skills. The trail is completely located in the forest, and it’s made of 95% forest road / singletrail, with steep climbs and technically demanding downhills. Several years ago, several races took place in the Slavonian MTB Cycling League (SBBL).

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