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  • Lenght: 20.87 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Highest point: 463 m
  • Lowest point: 118 m
  • Surface type: asphalt 77 %, macadam 23 %
  • Time: 1.5 – 2.5 h

Although the cycling route “from Čačinac to Jankovac” is a short ride, this is truly one of the most beautiful trails you can take in the Virovitica – Podravina County. The track is 21 km long, the first 16 km from Čačinac to Slatinski Drenovac, is asphalt, followed by 5 km long and in some places steeply climbs the macadam road towards the Jankovac mountain excursion.

In order to get to know the entire Virovitica – Podravina County and its beauties, we chose Čačinci as the starting point for this path. This beautiful place is located in the south – eastern part of Virovitica – Podravina County and is known for its traditional and natural heritage, as well as for hunting tourism developed in the nearby forests of Papuk. The trail starts from the center of Čačinac. After 3.5 km we turn left from the main road and through the villages of Vojlovica, Humljani and Pušina reach Slatinski Drenovac as well as the Papuk Nature Park.

In Slatinski Drenovac, a 5 km long climb to Jankovac begins. This part of the road is also the most beautiful part of this path; you drive on macadam through the woods and with the glade of the Kovačica brook, which descends along the Papuk Hill. Soon you will reach Skakavac, which is a true attraction not only to Jankovac and Papuk but also to all of Slavonia. The Jankovac ​​stream flows through a 36-meter-high waterfall over an ancient limestone rock into the canyon of the Kovačica brook. Not far from the slope is the Jankovac Mountain Lodge where this trail ends.

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